Pippin lay in a dark and troubled dream: it seemed that he could hear his own small voice echoing in black tunnels, calling Frodo, Frodo! But instead of Frodo hundreds of hideous orc-faces grinned at him out of the shadows, hundreds of hideous arms grasped at him from every side. Where was Merry?
He woke.

Book Three, Chapter Three: The Uruk-hai

For Pippin and Merry, their situation seemed more akin to a nightmare than reality, waking to find themselves amongst the band of Uruk-hai who attacked the Fellowship, slew the man protecting them and captured them for a fate arguably worse than death. From their horrible position, the two hobbits begin to understand what these orcs are: Uruk-hai, creations of Saruman bred specifically to be a more perfect warrior. However, it becomes clear that all is not well between the Orcs of Barad-dur and the Orcs of Orthanc.

This weekend, join us in the Hall of Fire as we discuss the Two Towers chapter the Uruk-hai, an insight into how the minions of evil work and a closer look at the life of an Orc in the War of the Ring.

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