Ringer Spy POD sends along this interesting bit of information.

Just to let you know I know that some more filming will be going on near Mt Ruapehu shortly as I am part of a -snip- and have seen evidence that filming will be taking place.

The filming is suppose to happen between 25-31 May 02 so I will check then whether I will be up there, I will keep you informed.

Mt Ruapehu archive information:

For the past 3 years we at TheOneRing.net have covered many locations all over New Zealand. We have quite a few news stories about Mt Ruapehu, including some great pictures! Take a look!

PJ and his crew visit the mountain on a scouting trip back in late ’99

Ianman contributed this little image of one of the signposts the production company uses to point the way to filming – in this case, round Ruapehu in early 2000

The Y2000 Mordor Walk, a gang of TORNadoes head on up Ruapehu in search of Mordor…

TORN staffer Thorongil recounts his tale of visiting the mountain in his NZ exclusive report, 2000

Super Spy Xtem tells all about the scenes previously shot at the mountain in this report from May 23rd, 2000

Tehanu dishes the news to us from one of the many sets she has seen in New Zealand back in 2000, this report dates back to May 26th, 2000

Womans Weekly Magazine scored some really great shots from Ruapehu back in late May 2000. They captured what looks like scenes from The Two Towers with Sam and Frodo!

Ian sends us an amazing set report with pictures from Ruapehu back in June of 2000. He writes; “Mordor filming, Mt Ruapehu-style. The huge banks of orange lights were apparently not to counter the strong blue sky, but to give the filming an evil colour (such as beneath a thick smoke layer in Mordor).” COOL!!

Perhaps we will see bloodier Ruapheu scenes on the DVD? This report from September 29th, 2000 has some great info from some extras that were there!

Check out a report from Red Carpet Tours, giving you a complete run down on what you would see of Ruapehu if you signed up for a tour with them!