This came in from an anonymous Ringer:

“Hey there,just thought i’d mail you about my life this past week. I’ve gotten a ton of extra work on the Veronica Guerin movie being filmed here in Dublin, and yesterday, i had the pleasure of having Cate [Blanchett] stand behind me all day!

We were warned not to speak to her before filming, as it was a pub scene and there were a ton of extras there. We had to stand in front of her, shouting(miming) at a soccer match on t.v. while she talked to a crime boss behind us at the bar. it was really very weird, but cool too.

She seems to have an air of unapproachable surrounding her, but then, that mighta been in my head – I think it was, cos for me, she played Galadriel so well(& with an air so sinister, it would put anyone off) but it didn’t stop me asking her assistant to get her to sign my copy of FOTR, which she kindly did.