Haven’t seen too much info on this one: Warner Bros. has a music book (piano & voice) that has 6 of the FOTR sound-track songs: Aniron, The Prophecy, Many Meetings, Lament for Gandalf, In Dreams, and May It Be. It’s nicely balanced, as far as skill level goes – it’s neither woefully over-simplified nor hopelessly difficult. (I’m best described as a struggling pianist, so I can’t play them right off but I know I’ll be able to with some practice.) “Aniron” has quite a few flats, but “Many Meetings” has almost none. Overall I’d rank them as tricky but not impossible

The book has some nice full-page color photos – Frodo w/ Sting, Gandalf w/ lighted staff, prow of Elven swan-boat against sunrise, 2-page spread of ringwraiths, hobbits on weathertop, Saruman glaring down from top of Orthanc, and a nasty orc on the last page.

Hopefully a more skilled musician will step to the fore with a more detailed review soon. Until then I’ll just add that I highly recommend this – if you can find it any where!

Thanks to Miss Took for that!