This came in thanks to Jade:

“Hey!! I’m just writing to let you know that I have been searching, and searching, and searching the web for the spawn, or progeny of Japan’s reactions to LOTR, the movie.. AND GUESS WHAT?? I found it!! And yeah I’m specifically referring to Fan Art.. MY GOD!! THe most beautiful ART EVER!! It makes mine look GENERIC!! Here are the links I’ve found.. I wanna share em with you guys cause I know you dedicate yourselves to reporting on everything for the fans, and by the fans.. Well, this is just to let you know how Japan is also a BIG FAN of Tolkien’s LOTR… Check em out when you’ve got times, yeah?.. They’re extremely beautiful.. I recommend each and every single one.. One comment.. I have noticed in Japan they really like the humans Aragorn, and Boromir, and they absolutely love the hobbits..Specially Frodo..As opposed to Legolas here in the states… They like Legolas but not so much.. COOL.. I just think it’s amazing..”

Here’s the links….I can’t tell you what the sites are called half the time.

Click on anything on this page from The Nine Fingers and you’ll get some wonderful artwork even if the text shows up gibberish on your screen. Dozens of pics here.

This one’s apparently called FDDS, and if you click on the picture squares on the left of this page the artwork shows up on the right.

This one’s called HunkPunk Laboratory and you can take a stab at anything and hope that it’ll go in the right direction – the one marked ‘LOTR’ looks promising. Check out ‘Illust’ on that page.

There’s a list of links to other Japanese LOTR site here and here