I asked Tunali in Bombay how he thought LOTR was doing there. “Well, as to your question whether the movie has become popular or not, I must tell you that it has! It was released here in Bombay sometime during February and it is still going housefull!! Unfortunately this is the last week in the theatres. (The contract is over I guess.) I know of people who have seen this movie twice and thrice(I saw it thrice!) and also there are some who just did not understand the movie!! I personally think that it is their fault ’cause they preffered to talk instead of listen to the dialogues.
Another reason the people did not like it is that it is a trilogy. But then if they can accept Star Wars I do not see why they should be so unjust to LOTR!

As for the books, yes, it is being publicised quite a lot. But I don’t see many around who have read the book. I think they are afraid of its length! They are at a loss. They really do not know how much they miss out! I am nuts about Harry Potter too. However I was dissapointed to see that LOTR was not as much awaited as HP was. I wish there was more publicity about the movie here in India. I heard that the trailer of The Two Towers has been released abroad? Wonder when it is going to come here? “

Well we hope the trailer does get there. C’mon, New Line, try harder!