Happy Equinox (a little late)! Enjoy the many new Green Books articles for April:

Anwyn’s Counterpoint recalls the amazing TORN Oscar Party, inviting all you readers to send in your opinions.
• Is the movie phenomenon causing a rift among Tolkien fans? I’m Out on a Limb again as I take on all the grouches who really hated PJ’s movie adaptation.
• Enjoy a ton of stuff in Tookish’s Ticklers humor section. Here at TORN, puns never die.
Moon Letters is blazing with new Tolkien-inspired poems and stories. Keep sending your best — but please note the Guidelines.
• We have 20 brilliant new Questions & Answers, including:
1. What if you died while wearing the Ring?
2. How did Gandalf get a new staff?!
3. How do the Orcs propagate?
4. What missing history of the Dúnedain?
5. What did Dol Guldur really look like?
6. And of course the “The LEGOLAS Files” – a special compendium with everything you want to know about Orly’s character!

• Be sure to browse our Most Frequently Asked Questions.
• Our new Special Guests include a fantastic look at Tolkien’s experiences during World War I, and the absolute final word on the Balrog wings debate!

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