Emails have been coming in about the Malaysian Pirate Video and the execrable translation (translated back into English for your viewing pleasure on Laine’s site here
One writer said “Laine’s site is a hoax, she made those things up. “However Sonikku writes:
“Nope, the malaysian translation is NOT a hoax. I too have the HK DVD with those same subtitles. If you like I could do a quick capture and upload a small MPEG with some of them, they are hilarious! [Yes, please!]

Frodo: “Gandalf, I’m giving you the Ring! “
Gandalf: ” Don’t touch me Frodo! “

Pretty much most location names were messed up and the rest was in the style of “All Your Base Are Belong To Us.” [Another classic!]

Another writer, Sandra, agrees: “I have in my possession a screening copy DVD from China with many of the same mis-translations as the “Malaysian” version. (the killer parts took place during the Moria scenes).”

Jenn wrote in and said she’d seen two versions with perfectly acceptable translations, but “Just don’t ask about the ‘Moulin Rouge’ subtitles which included calling Satine ‘Sardine’ the whole way through and turning Christian into Christine!!”