This news came in thanks Karan:
“I’m writing in from Chandigarh, India. Last Friday LOTR finally came to our town and in the last 5 days, I’ve already seen it 3 times. Unfortunately, It hasn’t been a success here, with most people complaining about the film’s running time, which is quite surprising, since most Indian films easily cross 3 hrs and may go upto 4 hrs in length. Also, I guess, people who are not familiarised with Tolkien’s books were not able to catch all the plot nuances in the movie. Maybe if it had been dubbed in Hindi, it would have fared better. The movie will give way here after only one week to Harry Potter which will probably be much more successful due to the simple storyline and the books’ popularity among kids. I, myself, am glad that I was at least able to hook a few of my friends onto the LOTR saga through the movie. Now, they’ve all bought the books. At last, there will be somebody here for me to discuss Middle Earth with!!”