Ford of Rivendell says “On the official Lord of the Rings site, the main page, there are pictures in the middle of the screen. If you put your mouse over the one that says “SPECIAL PREVIEW IN THEATERS: See the extended preview of The Two Towers now in theaters,” it will then widen, and give a brief explanation. It also says in gold print, “for Tickets Click Here.” If you click there it sends you to the information about where The Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring is playing. But what also pops up, in another window, is a Quicktime video of Peter Jackson. Here he gives an explanation of The Two Towers Preview, and also why it is a preview, not a trailer. He also said that he put it at the end of FOTR so that fan’s would be the first ones in the world to see footage from the next movie. It’s rather interesting, so check it out.”

Meanwhile the TTT trailer pops up in various places on TV, though from the emails we’ve been getting, most of the showings are just a few brief shots from the TTT trailer. According to Tyler: “On TV I saw a Fellowship preview and at the end there is a brief add for Two Towers traler at theaters: it has the logo, and beitiful shot of Eoywn in front of Mesulad, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas on horse back, and a drool-inducing shot of Helms Deep.”