Throughout the Fellowship of the Ring, we learnt much of the ways of Elves through Lothlórien and Rivendell and Dwarves in the mines of Moria. Yet much was told of the great city of Men, Minas Tirith and their struggles against Sauron. It is not long into The Two Towers however that we are introduced to a race of men who would prove to be one of the bravest and loyal allies to all those who fight against the tryanny of Sauron. This weekend the Hall of Fire’s Two Towers chapter-by-chapter discussion continues as we look at

Book III, Chapter II – The Riders of Rohan

Hot on the heels of the Uruk-hai that hold their friends captive, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas relentlessly race both day and night in an attempt to shorten the distance between them and Saruman’s forces. Through their hardship, the friendship of the Dwarf and the Elf begins to grow as they venture towards the land of Rohan, the home of the Riders of Rohan, once an ally to the great bastion of Men, Minas Tirith.

However, the trio never get a chance to try and save Merry and Pippin from the captors, as a group of Riders led by Éomer, Third Marshall and one of the closest friends to King Theoden. He bears to them news of a band of Orcs he and his men did battle with, the same Orcs that hold Merry and Pippin and slew Boromir, bearing the White Hand of Isengard. Fearing for their friends, Aragorn and his companions are forced to check for any sign of their friends on the battleground itself. However, the Hobbits are nowhere to be seen, and a spectre feared to be Saruman haunts them in the night.

A great chapter that sets in motion the alliance of Rohan with the other opposing forces to Mordor and introduces us to the Riders of Rohan, come visit this weekend as your fellow Tolkien fans discuss and debate this topic in its entirity!

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