With all the pirated copies of the TTT trailer for download on the net, we were waiting for a download of decent quality for folks (like myself -Xo) who were unable to see it in their local theatres. We may have found it.

Incidently, ever wonder why the TTT trailer isn’t online officially? Peter Jackson himself wished all fans to see it the way it was meant to be seen, on a giant screen with surround sound.

However, many unfortunate folks, the trailer is simply unavailable for them so they rely on the internet. www.tiscali.nl has gotten their hands on a fairly decent version of the trailer, and this is the FULL version, not the 1:22 min version. Check it out here! (Quicktime needed) [More]

Update: The download site above only allows a certain number of people to download the trailer at one time. So remember patience is a virtue, and that you will get through eventually. Or if you just can’t wait, Movie-list.com has a list of download sites here.