From: immortal683

Just wanted to inform you folks at that “Lord of the Rings” has won the Rotten Tomato Award with 100+ Fresh reviews and 96% on the Tomatometer! Congratulations LOTR!

Barely edging out Shrek , Monsters, Inc. would have been the winner of this year’s RT Award if not for one movie. The best-reviewed movie of 2001 and the winner of the Third Annual RT Awards is Peter Jackson’s phenomenal adaptation of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. From its impeccable casting to its breath-taking cinematography, The Fellowship of the Ring is a far cry from the 1978 animated version. It’s a minor miracle that after sitting nearly three hours with the movie, patrons are left wanting more. Really, this is a triumph for director Peter Jackson and his crew for proving wrong the pundits who said the trilogy was too ambitious of a project. Congrats go out to everyone involved with The Fellowship of the Ring. We’ll be eagerly awaiting The Two Towers.