While the release of The Two Towers is December 18th, months and months away, preparation in anticipation for the next installment of the Lord of the Rings trilogy begins already in the Hall of Fire as we begin our already succesfull chapter by chapter discussions on The Two Towers and its first chapter: The Departure Of Boromir

In an odd twist, the beginning of The Two Towers is where the Fellowship of the Ring motion picture left off, as Aragorn finds Boromir mortally wounded near Parth Galen, repentant of his deeds as his live extinguishes, the bane deemed by Iluvatar to be suffered by men. With the prince of Minas Tirith dead Aragorn desperately tries to piece together the events that took place and the whereabouts of the four hobbits. Lamenting Boromir’s death and giving him the ceremony worth of a prince who would one day be the steward of Minas Tirith in his father’s place, Aragorn Gimli and Legolas are faced with a difficult decision: follow the Ringbearer and Sam to Mordor or track down Pippin and Merry on the way to Orthanc?

The first chapter of The Two Towers is as much a tribute to the death of the first member of the Fellowship as it sets in motion the events in the book itself. Come join us this weekend as we discuss this chapter and how it was portrayed in Fellowship of the Ring!

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