With the rapid growth in popularity of DVDs over the last three years and nearly becoming a standard medium, Tolkien fans were relishing the idea of a Fellowship of the Ring DVD even before the film was released. The attraction was not just the excellent quality picture that DVDs provide, but the range of extra features that have become an essential part of a complete DVD. Rumours of a Peter Jackson Director’s Cut, commentary from the cast, lost and deleted scenes and ‘making of..’ documentaries have all been mentioned when referring to this topic. This weekend, the Hall of Fire crew invite you to join us in discussing the FOTR DVD: The Wanted and Expected Features.

If there is one thing to be learned from the last three years, its that New Line Entertainment and Peter Jackson both acknowledge and value the fans of Lord of the Rings, and seem to be continously working in their best interests on this amazing project. Therefore, the expectation that New Line and PJ will deliver some extremely satisfying material on the Fellowship of the Ring DVD is very high, and many an article has been written on what *could* and *should* be on the DVD. Concrete information is only becoming available on what features will be added.

And what do you think should be on the DVD? PJ fans have cried out for a Director’s Cut of the film, and Peter himself has dropped hints on New Zealand TV that he is presently recording a commentary track on the film. What about the standard fare for DVDs, like Behind the Scenes documentaries? And what fan can go without the deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut of FotR: how can the film be complete without the gift-giving at Lothlórien, or the extended sequences in Bree and the Midge Marshes? It’s for you to decide as we discuss the dream Fellowship of the Ring DVD this weekend.

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