Annatar The Fair writes: And so the LOTR hype starts again (when did it stop? -Xo). And there are fantastic new characters coming, including Treebeard, leader of the Ents. Voiced by John Rhys-Davies, Treebeard will be a combination of animatronics and CG. “He’s going to be incredible,” Billy ‘Pippin’ Boyd revealed exclusively to Empire. “Somebody said it was the biggest animatronic ever. It lifted us up 30 feet, and it was such a hassle getting down that Dom (“Merry” Monaghan) and myself wouldn’t come down for tea breaks. They’d just pass up a cup and a biscuit. And 20 minutes later, everyone would come traipsing back in.” Boyd laughs. “There! The first anecdote from The Two Towers!”