Yes indeed! The Green Books Staff is back after our winter hiatus. We have a huge update for February so check it out:

Anwyn’s Counterpoint has an interview with Tolkien-inspired mandolin genius Chris Thile, whose band Nickel Creek is fast becoming the last word on the acoustic music scene. If you haven’t heard his fabulous music, check it out — it shows a gift for sharing imagination Tolkien would have admired. His mandolin is featured in Dolly Parton’s Grammy-winning rendition of “Shine.”

• Introducing a brand new Q&A feature — the MOST Frequently Asked Questions. This quick reference tool will help answer the 13 major queries all Tolkien fans want to know, like:
1. Who was oldest, Treebeard or Bombadil?
2. What are the Grey Havens and why do they go there?
3. Who were the other "blue wizards?"
4. Where do I find Elvish alphabets/dictionary sources?

• FEAST your eyes on 20 brand new Questions & Answers, including:
1. Why call it the "Black Pit?"
2. What powers in the Seat of Seeing?
3. Why not Gimli as Ringbearer?
4. Why did the 5 Nazgûl retreat?

• Tookish brings us a zillion laughs, comics, and parodies in his Ticklers section.

• Who needs Ebert & Roeper? We’ve got our own Dueling Reviews of Fellowship of the Ring from a doctor (who hated it) and a young film student (who enjoyed it) over in our Special Guest section.

We continue to explore the WORDS and WORLDS of Tolkien. Stay tuned!

Much too hasty,