Pippin Skywalker checking in to tell all you ring fans that my dad being the marvel that he is went to the Union Square Barnes & Noble to hear Peter Jackson, Christopher Lee and Howard Shore.Here are some special details:

DVD: Apparently this will be released in November (a fact already known) and for the first time EVER there
will be EXTRA footage integrated INTO the film…not seperately….as one WHOLE piece!!!! AND for the first time EVER Howard Shore will be composing NEW music for the extra footage. Some of the lost scenes to be integrated are of Galadriel giving the Fellowship their gifts which Jackson says is very important to the Two Towers.

TTT Trailer: Lord of the Rings they said is going to be in theaters until a few weeks after the Oscars. Somewhere around late March there will be a full length three and a half minute trailer of the Two Towers (not a wimpy teaser folks,lol).

Christopher Lee’s Comments on Tolkien:

The veteren actor said that he felt that the spirit of Tolkien was on the Film(s), and that when he met Tolkien years ago he had to restrain himself from kneeling!!!! HAHA!

Reception and Turn Out: Thousands of people were in attendance and people started lining up at 10:00 am for an event that wouldn’t starts for another 7 hours!!!

It is also worthy of note that despite the fact that there have been other event like this around the nation they got the WARMEST reception in NCY!!!!! 🙂 God Bless New York!