A few days ago we heard about the name of Arwen’s sword, which was given as “Hadhathang.”[More] Since then a few people have written in to dispute that. Mark said “Not to dispute the translation work of your correspondant Galadhorn, but in the Decipher card game from the film Arwen’s sword is named “Gwemegil”. I would have to defer to another in the translation of this name, but since Decipher must clear all names and images with the licensor, which in this case would be New Line, they do tend to be what would be called canon references.”

On a related note, Chris wrote in to say that he was looking through one of the LOTR visual companion type books and noticed something: The sword that Elrond wields during the Last Alliance and the sword Arwen wields during the Flight to the Ford seem strikingly similar. “I was wondering if anybody else noticed this. ‘Cause my guess is that they are the same. Sort of a family hand-me-down sword.”