“Hi, we just got back from the premiere in Tokyo. I’m an American and my hubby is in the military. I took my three kids and were all very excited with plans to see the actors. We all took our LOTR Trilogy hoping to get some autographs. Based on all the other wonderful reports from around the world we thought we would stand a good chance to see them up close and possibly get an autograph or two.

My 7 year old looked so cute in his LOTR T-shirt and he was wearing the one ring! He was ready for Elijah and Orli to come by! My two daughters were also very excited. My kids were the only children there. We didn’t have tickets to get inside, but that was OK if we could just catch a glimpse of the guys and Liv. We did get some glimpses, and are thankful for that, but unfortunately the actors were kept completely away from the fans. They didn’t even get to walk past us. We were lined up and in the front. They hurried the actors upstairs to meet with the press, after the premier started and then quickly hurried them away. We couldn’t believe they wouldn’t even get to walk past us!

We hurried downstairs (the premier was on the 9th floor of a big building) and ran after the crowd. We stood on the sidewalk and got to see them all leaving the parking garage. The windows were tinted very darkly and we could barely make out the actors inside, but they were all waving! From all I have read Elijah, Dom, Orli, Liv and the rest have always been very gracious and happy to communicate with their fans. It is too bad they were kept from being able to interact with us at all. I know they all read your website and I hope you’ll share my report for them and others to read. We tried to get some photos although the quickness of them “out the elevator” and “8 feet away into the stairwell” didn’t give lots of opportunities! Dom came out first and we were so shocked we didn’t even get to yell his name before he was gone. I did yell Elijah’s name and he looked over his shoulder, smiled and waved. It was just all so fast. “