Wonder what exactly they were recording for The Two Towers at the recent cricket match between New Zealand and England in Wellington? Well, Rongotai was there and recounts all!

I have just returned from watching New Zealand play England at cricket in the Wellington Stadium. As you reported, PJ was there using the crowd to record sound effects for TTT.

PJ received a rapturous welcome from the 25,000-30,000 crowd. He told us that we were to be the sound of Orcs going to and fighting at Helm’s Deep. With 8 recording locations around the stadium he stood in the middle and
directed us like an orchestra. First we had to cheer like an army cheering its general – but in the lowest register voice we could make. Then we had to snarl, then wheeze. Next we all stamped our feet to simulate the army marching in step.

Then an Orcish chant was put up on the big replay screen. We chanted five times at different speeds and with different degrees of intensity and anger.

The last two sounds were the most amazing. He asked us all to whisper. It didn’t matter what – just whisper. Believe me, 25,000 people whispering at once is an astonishing sound. Equally astonishing was all of us hummming at once, which came next.

Throughout all this PJ held a raucous sports crowd in the palm of his hands. Everyone cooperated fully, and gave him another huge cheer when he thanked us and left.

By the way, in the cricket New Zealand beat England 244 to 89.