News from Fido: “CNN’s Showbiz Today reports that while New Line has NOT set an official release date for “The Lord of the Rings: FOTR” DVD yet, Peter Jackson has just said that the DVD will contain a Director’s Cut running at a little over 4 hours. This is different to the responses he gave last month indicating that there would be about 40 mins of deleted scenes with the disc, but NOT as a part of the film’s final print (ie. there would be no Director’s Cut).” [More]

Dr. Evil adds, “Hey, I used to work for Games Workshop in the U.S. and still know quite a few Managers in various departments. I called one and he explained that although they are producing miniatures of Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, and various others it is because their license is book based and allows them to “fill in the gaps” of characters not covered by Peter Jacksons films.

There sadly was no filmed footage from what he has heard or whether or not the minitures that are produced are based on WETA designs or not.”

Other people have sent me similar explanations of how Games Workshop have acquired the rights to make Tom and Goldberry despite the fact that they don’t appear in the movie. So sorry folks, the “Bombadil’s in the director’s cut DVD” rumour is untrue.

Adrahil has information on the same: “Here’s a quote from GW North American Product Manager Dan Rumley:

“There are rumors that Peter Jackson will revisit the Hobbit in the distant future but these are pure speculation. As to further licensing I can proudly announce that Games Workshop has the Literary license and will be rolling all types of great products and scenarios to allow players even more Middle Earth mayhem. So there is no doubt going to be the characters of The Hobbit showing up some time in the future.”

It can be found here