Amazing news from CNN via David: “A friend of mine was watching CNN today. They reported that the DVD version of Fellowship was going to be 4.5 hours long.”

Is THAT long enough for you all? And when does it come out?

According to this there’s a book being released on Amazon in May which is ” Published to tie-in with the launch of the video and DVD, this is the first of three books” [read the synopsis, you’ll see it.]

So look for the DVD in May, 2002. Thanks to Corsair of Umbar who noticed that.

Now, this is a rumour from Kevin, who notes a different time for the DVD release [July] but concludes that Bombadil’s scenes were filmed: “I just figured that I’d let you know that I recently got a chance to look at the 2002 release sheet for the LOTR Games workshop games. Now, Games Workshop has a 3-5 (not sure) contract with New Line which says that the only models they may produce in that time are models from the films. This release sheet showed that in July, around the time of the DvD release models WILL be released for Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, and the barrow wights. This means that it is a definite that the old forest sequence, in its entirety, was filmed, and that we will see Bombadil in the film.”

Well, it’s been a well-kept secret in the NZ film community if it has, but we’ll keep an open mind on that!