Looks like there’s a lot of people hunting for Hobbiton. This letter came in from one of our correspondents who lives on a farm near the ‘Hobbiton’ farm, in Matamata.

“I was in the Matamata Information Office today for just 20 mins and during that time 4 groups of people came in asking where to see the Hobbiton village!!! One English couple had driven all the way from Auckland especially and ‘wasted’ a day of their travel time! Another Japanese girl had caught a bus from Rotorua and had no idea what to do when told she couldn’t go to the farm!! (I’ve no idea how she was going to get there!!) Another group were visitors from UK, and then some Kiwis. Wow!!

Maybe that was because of the news item on tv last night about Hobbiton sign being stolen. But the demand is there and people [in Matamata] have no idea of the enormity of this whole thing!!”

Of course, they could make it easier on themselves and join other fans in one of Red Carpet’s coach tours to the locations… [More]