Curunir sends this in for all interested folks to read and make their choices known:

Greetings, Ringers! After some classes and a bit of a vacation from planning for me, it’s time to get the ball rolling for Barliman’s Bash 2002. As you might have noticed if you were around last August, we had a fantastic time in Chicago, and can’t wait for a repeat performance.

We’re in the early stages of planning at the moment, and are working to figure out a location that will work for the largest number of people. We’re looking at locations on both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts for the next go ’round, and this is where I need your help.

In order to figure out which coast will suit the largest number of probable attendees, I need anybody that’s both interested and reasonably likely to attend to email Curunir and tell me which coast of the United States you’d prefer to enjoy yourself on.

The East coast options are Boston, Massachussetts and Washington, DC. The West coast options are San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington. You can specify which of those cities you prefer as well – the more information I have, the better. Any other suggestions for cities will be welcome, however the choice will be made based on the majority of votes. The time frame is likely to once again be late July – early August, to accomodate our many students and teachers, in case the weather plays a part in your decision.

Thanks for your help, and here’s to seeing you this summer!

– Curunir