Ten days on, and the world has already seen and accepted Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring and looks hungrily towards this time next year for the Two Towers. As quickly as fans left the cinemas and hit the Net to reveal their thoughts, cries of ‘Director’s Cut DVD’ and ‘364 days to go’ erupted as the Fellowship of the Ring drove Tolkien fan’s desire to see the complete Trilogy to new heights.

Such is the important of an event like the release of Fellowship of the Ring in the Tolkien fan world (it is one of the things we have been building the last three years of our news site around!), the Hall of Fire staff once again opens its door to a discussion on the Fellowship of the Ring. Not only is it a chance for people who missed it the first time around to share their views, but we can also cover a lot of new ground that we missed the first time around.

For instance, we’ve talked plenty about what went into the film, but have we talked enough about what didn’t make the film? A sing along in the Green Dragon Inn, the journey from Bree to Weathertop through the Midget Marshes, the chasing of the Fellowship from Moria to Lothlórien…there’s a lot of stuff there that may not see the light of day because of the time constraints.

And what about your hopes for the future. After seeing Fellowship of the Ring, are you now optimistic or pessemistic for the Two Towers and the Return of the King? Does the film make you want to rush out to the stores and buy up their stock of Toy Biz figures, buy up Howard Shore’s soundtrack? Or for the next few months will you bury your head in the sand and revert back to the literature itself, cursing Peter Jackson’s very wingy balrog and his ghostly Galadriel.

Whatever it is, if it’s got to do with Fellowship of the Ring then we want to discuss it this weekend while we still have a chance. Because in just a few days time, 2001 will be gone and in comes 2002 and with it Peter Jackson’s The Two Towers!

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