Greetings from Middle Earth,

I have the pleasure of working just off Courtenay Place (where the Embassy, site of the premiere, is). The latest situation is that the Police have closed some of the roads leading into Courtenay Place so that the preparations can get underway.

There are people wandering about with pointed ears. In the last few hours the weather has improved (the rain has stopped & the wind has dropped a little). The weather is at last co-operating. It has been raining since Sunday night. It’s supposed to be

This brings me to another issue

I suggest that the reason that the film is being so well received is because of the Power that was used to create it. That power being no less than the power of The One itself!

Consider the evidence:

The One is said in the trailers to have “the power to enslave the world”. And what is FOTR doing to those who have seen it?

Ian McKellen, (Gandalf, wielder of one of the Three, Narya?) has long been one of the strongest supporters of the film.

Cate Blanchett, (Galadriel, wielder of another of the Three, Nenya?), has been very supportive too.

Liv Tyler, (Arwen, daughter of Elrond, wiellder of the third of the Three), is also very positive about the movie, maybe she has Vilya now?

From the evidence in the media I speculate that John Rhys-Davies also has been given a ring, one of the Seven.

And as for Harry Knowles of AICN, surely it is obvious that on his visit to NZ he was given a gift, a beautiful ring…

What about TORN’s Quickbeam? Did Quickbeam get a Ring?

And of course we know that the other rings are subject to the will of the wielder of the One

The inscription on the Ring itself gives a clue too
“One Ring to bring them all, and in the Darkness (of the cinema) bind them”

The final piece of evidence, the miraculous improvement in the weather just at the premiere in “Middle Earth”.

It is obvious who is wielding the One on this project. A hobbit of course, but not Frodo.

A new RingLord has arisen.

All Hail the Lord of the Rings

Peter Jackson.

Rufus Redbeard out