So we’re finally here….a little under three years of waiting, reading casting rumours, more waiting, watching the original teaser trailer with joy, a little bit of waiting, hungrily gulping down any photos from the production, going nuts over the trailers, more waiting, reading about the Cannes footage, a summer break, then trailers, commercials, soundtracks and more. After all this, it’s finally here. The first installment of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Fellowship of the Ring. This weekend, the Hall of Fire crew invite you to come visit us as the minutes tick away from Wednesday the 19th as we look at:

An overview of the Fellowship of the Ring

To get you in the mood for this Wednesday’s release (as if you needed any help), we’re going to be going through the Fellowship of the Ring chapter by chapter, character by character, setbacks and challanges, journeys and adventures. Basically, it’s a chance to talk about anything and everything Fellowship of the Ring relate and sharing your favourite moments with your fellow Tolkien fans.

And what are your favourite moments? Bilbo’s Birthday party? Frodo’s fun and games in Barliman’s inn that landed him in hot water with Strider? And what about the Moria sequences, does Doom Boom Boom mean anything to you? With this in mind, we’ll talk both about the book and how you think it’ll be portrayed on celluloid from what you’ve seen over the last year. We’re interested in what you have to say because this is a discussion for YOU, the fans.

Join us for the last Hall of Fire discussion before our worlds are changed forever by Peter Jackson’s masterpiece, and count down the minutes until the release of Fellowship of the Ring in over three days time.

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