Finally, after it began in February with A Long-Expected Party, the Hall of Fire’s chapter by chapter discussion of the Fellowship of the Ring finally reaches its end this weekend with the final chapter:

Book II, Chapter X – The Breaking of the Fellowship

Having already faced all kind of adversity and having lost their leader so early in their quest, the Fellowship stop under the shadow of Tol Brandir, the decision of what to do next yet to be made. During the night, the treath of Orcs still disturb Aragorn, who faces the difficult task of deciding the Fellowship’s fate the next day.

However the decision seems to fall on Frodo the Ringbearer himself and not Aragorn. Confused and indecisive, Frodo leaves the group to think about what he shall do next. But he is not alone as he would like, and Boromir joins him, feigning concern for his safety and nothing else. However, his intentions seem all too clear, as he talks about dreams of defeating the Enemy with the Ring and becoming a mighty king of men. Frodo uses the Ring to escape Boromir’s manic disposition, and Boromir soon realises why, how and what madness came over him.

But it is too late. Frodo decides that it should be his burden alone to go to Mordor and destroy the One Ring, leaving his friends behind. As they search for him, they are ambushed by an Orc party, and it is only Samwise who manages to catch Frodo. Together, they depart their friends and set out on the journey to Mordor on their own, not knowing what dangers face them ahead, and what dangers they have left their friends in behind them.

Join us for the last Fellowship of the Ring chapter discussion, as we get set for the Worldwide release of Peter Jackson’s Fellowship of the Ring in eleven days time.

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