From: David

I just got done watching Film 2001 here in the UK since your site mentioned something along the lines of an Exclusive clip to be shown, well there was.

The clip, unknown if it has been shown in the US, starts off with the scene from the trailer of Gandalf reaching out his hand and grabbing Frodo speaking “Is it secret? Is it Safe?!”.

It then cuts to Frodo rummaging through a box looking for something while Gandalf standing behind him looks on edge as he keeps turning around expecting someone or something to come storming in until Frodo pulls out a small envelope and hands it to Gandalf who then throws it onto the fireplace and we see the envelope burn and the One Ring exposed.

Using some metal tongs, Gandalf removes the ring from the fire and asks Frodo to hold out his hand while telling him not to worry as the ring will be cool to the touch, Frodo does so and Gandalf turns away asking if there is any markings in which Frodo replies “No” and the look on Gandalf’s face is of disapointment almost as if he thinks he has the wrong Ring until Frodo suddenly says there ARE markings that look elvish but he is unable to read them.

Gandalf tells him very few can read the markings and it is the ancient language of Mordor and a language he will not utter in the “in this place”, Frodo asks what it says in which Gandalf replies the line “One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all….and in the darkness bind them”.