Thanks to many ringer fans, I was able to catch a quick look at the LOTR commercial that ran today with West Wing and other TV shows.

A quick overview:
– Birthday party Smaug Firework
– Nazgul racing towards camera
– Minas Tirith
– Gates of Moria opening
– Standard large army shot
– Gandalf at the council
– The Ring engulfed in fire
– The Fellowship on Anduin
– Orthanc with Gwahir flying away
– A new sweeping shot of orc armies
– Some very ‘bright’ person on horseback
– Gimli on his knees at Balin’s tomb
– Samwise escaping the Cave Troll’s attack
– Caradhras
– Saruman on top of Orthanc
– The Watcher in the Water attacks Frodo
– The Cave Troll whipping at Legolas
– A full -sized hand reaching for a hobbit hand
– Aragorn
– Arwen crying
– Balrog foot in Moria
– Frodo on a balcony in Rivendell
– Armies of Elves and Men preparing for battle
– Frodo hugging Bilbo
– AMAZING shot of Nazgul racing away from the Flood. Complete with Horseheads on the waves
– Ringwraiths facing the Hobbits on weathertop
– Aragorn and Arwen kissing
– Gandalf conjures light from his staff
– Sauron reaching to the camera with the Ring
– Frodo reaching for the Ring

Its probably the best commercial so far. I’m sure it will be played for at least the next week! Watch for it during your favorite shows!