Tolkientheo writes: I Don’t know if anyone has reported this yet but between 10:40-11:10 CT at a commercial break during Saturday Night Live tonight, I saw what was in my opinion the best of all of the FOTR tv spots. It couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds long. It began with (bear with me, saw it once, went by really fast) the shot of the trail in the forest during hobbit lunch break, than Frodo giving his “get off the road” line. Then I thought it showed a shot looking at expansive middle earth landscape from atop the misty mountains but close to the snow. You then see the chained ring being lifted in front of the camera. Next a few shots from previous trailers (battling orcs, uruk hai) than a shot of what looked like an exhausted Borormir in the forest looking RFG saying “Do you really think we stand a chance?” Than some more shots than one that stands out in my memory is one of the Cave troll attacking legolas – looks like the same part shown on Quest for the Ring w/ the troll attacking using the chain, only this time it was a shot from behind Legolas and the troll almost looked as if it was climbing up to the balcony part (not sure) then the music quickended and the trailer ended with a blur of dozens of shots – none of which lasting more than a second long – One of the shots I saw had to have been Saruman’s lair, it was raining.