The table is set for a wonderful leftover Thanksgiving feast over in Green Books:

Anwyn’s Counterpoint has a juicy warning for all movie-going fans to retain their original imaginings of LOTR.
Turgon’s Bookshelf percolates with intense responses from readers who took issue with his sobering “What I Fear Most about PJ’s Movies!”
• Our new Special Guest remembers Mythcon 32 and an up-close encounter with LOTR screenwriter Philippa Boyens!
• Guy Davenport (Geography of the Imagination, Da Vinci’s Bicycle) pays Tribute to JRRT.
Moon Letters has excellent new Fan Fiction and Poems. Keep sending your best, and we will showcase it here.
• Stuff yourself silly on 19 fantastic new Questions & Answers, including:

  1. Where did the Elves get their wine?
  2. The origin of the Ring Verse?
  3. Why must all things fade?
  4. Could Frodo be the new Dark Lord?
  5. Tell us of the Haradrim.
  6. Are there hobbitish professions?

• There are new updates in red to previous Q&A.
• SPECIAL NOTE: Be here Monday for a full report on my trip down to New Zealand to visit Middle-earth! Thrill to my first-hand account of meeting the director and stars, seeing the sets, living the dream of Gondor and more. A five part series that begins 26 November 2001!

Much too hasty,