When the filming of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy began in 1999, one of the most hotly discussed debates, in which everyone had an opinion, was who would score the movies themselves? Who would be given such a difficult task as bringing Tolkien’s words pages to life and capturing the essence and emotion perfectly in such an important project? John Williams? James Horner? Hans Zimmer?

In the end it would be the job of Howard Shore, a distinguished and critically-acclaimed Canadian composer, known for his work on films like Dogma, Silence of the Lambs, Se7en and Philadelphia. In September of this year, he visited London to record the Fellowship of the Ring score with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. His songs along with those created by Irish vocalist Enya, famous for her unique style of New Age music and her song ‘Only Time’ which became a global hit when used with coverage of September 11th, were released on November 20th, one of the most anticipated soundtracks ever.

The signs are that Shore has done the job asked of him; already critics have talked about an Oscar next year. With rave reviews from both the critics and the fans, it seems that songs such as ‘Bridge of Khazad Dum, ‘Lothlórien’, ‘May It Be’, and ‘The Prophecy’ will bring out many emotions from fans as they watch the Fellowship of the Ring on December 19th. This weekend, come along and join the Hall of Fire staff as we discuss the newly-released FOTR soundtrack, its beauty, its failing, and most importantly what it means to you.

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