‘Now is the time, when those who wish to continue the Quest must harden their hearts to leave this land. Those who no longer wish to go forward may remain here, for a while. But whether they stay or go, none can be sure of peace. For we are come now to the edge of doom.’ The words of Galadriel are resolute yet foreboding, as the Fellowship are faced with the decision of now that they leave Lothlórien where do they go? To Minas Tirith and Gondor? To Mordor itself? Or by some other means? This weekend, the Hall of Fire discusses:

Book II Chapter VIII – Farewell to Lórien

With the time of rejoining their journey at hand the Felllowship debate deeply of what way to go next. With heavy hearts they depart in the boats kindly provided by their new Elven friends at the banks of the Silverlode. After one final meal, each Fellowship member receives a parting gift from Lady Galadriel, each one as unique as the one before it. And with that, they set off on the Great River, Anduin. But unknown to the company, one of their member’s heart has already turned itself towards the power of the One Ring.

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