With Aragorn at the helm, the Fellowship are forced to turn away from Moria and its bottomless depths which they believe to be the resting place of Gandalf the Grey. The eight walkers stumble upon Lothlórien, the Golden Wood and for a brief moment offer a respite from their troubles. But as Frodo learns, even the mirror of Galadriel cannot hide from him the perils that lie ahead. This weekend, the Hall of Fire discusses all this and more as we examine

Book II Chapter VI – Lothlórien

After a difficult passage into the lands of Lothlórien itself with the treath of an Orc attack and the blindfolding of each member as a show of solidarity, finally the Fellowship see the splendour of Lothlórien and all within it with their own eyes. Bidden to come to Cerin Amroth, the Elven guides lead the eight walkers towards the home of Allies welcome but unlooked for.

This chapter may lead up to the following ‘Mirror of Galadriel’, but it is an emotional one as the group of eight are forced to deal with the sudden loss of their leader, and show solidarity as each one is blindfolded and led through the lands of Lothlórien, instead of just Gimli himself. A chapter for lovers of Elven culture, this should create some great discussions this weekend, and you’re most welcome to come visit us at one of our three discussions.

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