From: Gothmog and Wife

The December 2001 edition of the UK edition of Dreamwatch magazine has an article about Enya’s contribution to the FOTR soundtrack. Specifically, it mentions registering two tracks with the American Performing Arts Organisation: Aniron and Here Comes Desire. I was under the impression that May It Be was the second track (to be utilised over the closing credits). Has there been a change of direction here? Also, following the small article in issue 39 of UK film mag, Total Film magazine -confusingly the December issue- issue forty (the November issue-on sale Friday the 30th November) will contain a major article on the fast approaching FOTR. Lastly, just something to perhaps develop debate?

I have recently re-read Christopher Tolkien’s edited, History Of The Lord Of The Rings: Part One, The Return Of The Shadow (Unwin 1988). At the beginning of the first chapter ‘A Long Expected Party,’ he cites his father, writing to the publishers of The Hobbit about their desire for a new book about Hobbits-what would of course, become The Lord Of The Rings. This was on December 19th 1937. Happy coincidence?