From: Jenny

I discovered today that the Swedish dairy company Arla is runnig a Lord of the Rings theme on the back of their milkbottles! (Note for foreigners: Swedish milkbottles are actually more like oblong cardbard boxes than bottles.)

The headline is “Facts about the Lord of the Rings”. Under the headline is an ink drawing of Arwen sitting on a horse standing on its hind legs. She is holding a sword in her right hand and what looks like a hobbit is sitting in front of her in the saddle. (Can they possibly have been confusing her with Eowyn?) A flourish banner says “Arwen”.Then there is some text and, at the bottom, a picture (from the film?) that looks a lot like a black rider. At the very bottom is an ad for a Lord of the Rings look- alike contest. The first prize is a ticket to the premiere. The text reads (in my translation):

She is the most beautiful of all living creatures. Her hair is dark as a river by night and her eyes are celestial blue. The nationality that she belongs to is the elves, and as an elf she lives the life of an immortal. But Arwen’s destiny is that she falls in love with a mortal man, Aragorn. A man she has the deepest feelings for and whom she can not live without. She knows that her love to this man is an impossibility, but despite this she does everything in her power to shut her eyes to reality. Eventually her feelings for Aragorn leeds her to a terrible decision. A decision that means that she has to choose between eternal life or give up her immortality for the man she loves…An accurate account of the “facts” or simply too much Barbara Cartland? You decide!

I have been searching the dairy section in my local store, but all the bottles had the Arwen theme. Maybe they’ll change character next week.