Until December 19th we won’t know what choices were good and which were bad, however this weekend the Cast of Lord of the Rings is the discussion of choice…and what a great discussion it is.

The great thing about casting actors for characters is, everyone has a different opinion on it and a prime example of this was in the early stages of making Lord of the Rings into a movie, when every person seemed to have their own opinion on a role. Rumours were rife, as names like Brosnan, Connery, Hawke and Thurman were mentioned in the roles of Elrond, Gandalf, Faramir and Galadriel respectively. A test shot of an elf that emerged on AICN even sparked rumours of Keanu Reeves playing some part in the Trilogy….thankfully that rumour bore no fruits.

Even with the cast decided, within two weeks the character of Aragorn had to be recast as Stuart Townsend was found to be the wrong person for the role. Since those early days, the discussion on who should have played what role still go on, with some people still not happy with the actors. So this weekend, get ready to battle for your convictions as you explain just why you have chosen ‘X’ as Gandalf and ‘Y’ as Frodo, as we talk about one of the oldest arguments surrounding Lord of the Rings.

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