I know not EVERYONE has read LOTR, I’ve run into hundreds of people like that, that’s fine. But if you write for a magazine, or newspaper or website, and are doing a story on these films…could you AT LEAST manage to get the plot right!

From the brain trust known as: sfgate.com

“The Fellowship of the Ring” (Dec. 19): Not to be outdone by all things “Harry Potter,” Peter Jackson (“Heavenly Creatures”) unleashes the first loop in his already-filmed “Lord of the Rings” trilogy. What else is the J.K. Rowling series if not a less gothic and byzantine dilution of J.R.R. Tolkien’s collection? This first installment focuses on Frodo (Elijah Wood), the Hobbit, who embarks on a quest to destroy the One Ring before the evil Gandalf (Ian McKellen) can get his hands on it.