From: Ryan L

I’m sure you have probably heard this already, but businesses in Toronto have undergone a massive advertising campaign for Lord of the Rings and specifically the Casa Loma exhibit.

Along the sides of major streets (Most noticibly Spadina), Lord of the Rings Banners hand from light posts. Giant Murals depict scenes from LOTR on the sides of buildings (I saw two within two blocks on Bloor Street around the Bay Street area).

An advertisment for the Casa Loma exhibit was shown during ‘From Hell’ at a Cineplex Odeon (Varsity Theatre on Bloor St) this Saturday 20th. It was about 30 seconds in length and depicted scenes from the movie. In the theatre there were lots of flyers and posters up for the Casa Loma exhibit (As well as plenty just for the movie). They had stacks of flyers at the entrance, I picked up about 20 or so. (I would scan one in, but don’t have a scanner at my disposal until the upcoming weekend)

Not to mention the advertising in the Toronto Star and all the Tolkien Book setups at book stores. I’ve also seen a couple of convience stores (who don’t normally sell books) who have small Tolkien setups.