From: Murky Past

If you are interested, this is a copy of an e-mail sent to the University of London Union about a bar promotion for LOTR. Print whatever’s interesting. I’ll let you know if and when it runs.

‘Fellowship of the Rings’ The Lord of the Rings Part 1
Bar Promotion Nights.

Guaranteed to fill your bars up of real ale drinking computing studies students (and for some reason I suspect Ents Staff too) faster than you can say Bilbo Baggins

It’s scratchcard promotion where we provide scratchcards with allocated merchandise to win shuffled in. These scratchcards are intended to be given out over the bar with purchase on any drink or a specific brand at the discretion of your bar management. There will be a good prize fund for this one but has yet to be totally finalised. (unfortunately our suggestions of comedy elf ears and dwarf beards weren’t taken that seriously – so it’ll be good stuff instead.)

It will however include:

1 LOTR Crew Jacket
Pewter key rings
Minis Posters

There are certain things that we have to do which are slightly different compared to our normal way of working please read the points below.

1. Types of night – You know your campuses best, but it needs to be busy there will be nothing in the prize fund that will cause problems for your security e.g. swords, axes, rings of invisibility etc.

2. Dates – between 18th – 25th November

3. Reports / Photos – where we can we will be asking our Student Reps (for this please read student staff rather than student brand manager) to get photos and give us the student perspective but we will need Photos and short reports form every bar/venue manager that the promotion takes place with. We will put cameras in every kit that goes out and a fax back form for a report for those who you who don’t want to use electronic mail. We’ll phone to remind you but would rather we didn’t have to. If you take this promotion an integral part of the agreement is to return photos and a short report – this is very important to us and the film company.

I’m not going to waste everyone’s time with stupid bits of paper to sign but please be aware that this is the agreement for us placing the promotion with you.