Tastier than candy corn… Enjoy the new October Green Books:

Anwyn’s Counterpoint rebounds a tirade of readers who agree/disagree with Anwyn: “Fallout.”

Turgon’s Bookshelf concerns the serious altering of Tolkien’s work for the movie: “What I Fear Most About Peter Jackson’s Films.”

Tookish’s Ticklers: If you want funny, we’ve got funny. Comics, wacky Top 10 Lists, jokes and songs for all.

Huzzah! Enjoy 19 new Questions & Answers, including:

  • A Shakespeare/Tolkien connection?
  • Saruman’s double treachery?
  • Why summon the Elves to Valinor?
  • What provoked the Balrog?
  • What is the destiny of Hobbits after death?
  • Why leave a note on the mantel?

I just carved out a huge pumpkin in the likeness of Círdan the Shipwright — and yes, I gave him a beard. I don’t care if Elves don’t have beards: Círdan does! Happy Halloween kiddies!

Much too hasty,