From: Bob

As I promised you before, I got more information about the Burger King promotion. Here it is.

Enjoy and post what you’d like on TORN.

-Later versions of the riddle game will include a sweepstakes, with prizes including a trip to New York for the opening of the movie.

-Answers to the riddles will be printed on Point of Purchase materials at Burger King restaurants in the United States. These materials will be in stores beginning in November.

-There are twenty characters that will be in the restaurants in late November, as well as the Ring of Power. All the characters connect to the Ring.

-The sweepstakes and contest associated with phase two of the riddles game will also include black ball-caps and very nice black t-shirts as well, color printed on the front. We’ve gotten a couple samples to take pictures of, and I’m very impressed with the quality.

-The Goblets are pretty cool too. Kind of frosted, and heavy, with a lighted base. There will be four goblets for sale at Restaurants. Each has a character cast into it, and an elfin code that can be entered into a page on the site.