Polish Ringer Darth Ejka sent me a HEAP of great information from Poland:

I’ve found out some facts about our Polish promotion of “LotR”. First of all Enya’s song will be heard in the radio and in our Polish MTV with the beggining of November. Polish MTV will also organize a great contest about “LotR” and there’s going to be a big Tolkien-Olympics in all all Polish schools! “LotR” books are coming out 7th November and the soundtrack is avaible from 19th November. Posters are already in theatres and the trailer will be shown from 24th October in 35 theatres and after a week or to in another 100 before the film “Blow” or something like that. The promotion will also involve Pizza Hut, “Polityka” magazine and “Viva!”, which is planning a special number with intervievs with the creators, actors and a special look on costumes and so on (all in December). The mobile phones will also include “LotR” goodies.