Well…not really..sorry. But Ringer Spy Stefan sends along his report on a LOTR presentation in Cologne, Germany. Take a look!

Today is my birthday and to my pity its also the day that Frodo gets wounded at Weathertop in our favorite story. As a gift from my wife I received two tickets for a Lord of the Rings presentation at Mayersche Bookstore in Cologne, Germany.

I just wanted to inform the community that on November 3rd there is some kind of Lord of the Rings event going on at Mayersche Bookstore in Cologne, Germany.

It reads: Gandalf presents…. The Lord of the Rings Book – Games – Film free choice of seat 10 Deutschmarks Saturday Nov.3 2001 at 18.30 h Mayersche Bookstore Neumarkt-Galerie 50667 Cologne Germany

Well what exactly it is, I dont know. If its just an event to sell stuff or if somebody reads parts of the book or even footage or goodies of the NEW film are shown, I do not know.

Who this GANDALF impersonator is I dont know either but he will have to give a good reason to claim this name or Ill go there dressed as a Balrog and block the entrance screaming: YOU CANNOT PASS !!