From: Jason J

“Frodo Baggins can shred. While shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy back-to-back-to-back, the men who play Tolkien’s diminutive woodland creatures (from left, Dominic Monaghan, Sean Astin, Elijah Wood, and Billy Boyd) bought surfboards and took advantage of New Zealands’ raddest natural resource. Studio Execs undoubtedly cringed while the stars of their $270 million project braved thundering waves and coral reefs; Viggo Mortenson suffered a black eye his first time out. But the actors swear their offscreen bonding made their onscreen chemistry work. “Surfing is when the Hobbits really became the Hobbits- its all about the camaraderie and bonding. It was massively keen.” Wood says. “We called ourselves ‘the Black Riders.’ It kind of became official when we made up some t-shirts that said Lord of the Rings Surfing Club.”