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Ringer fans never cease to amaze. First a Ringer found the first FOTR trailer before it was officially announced, and now another Ringer, Meriadoc, finds a hidden LOTR site at BurgerKing.com. Jump on over to the following URL and you will find a Fellowship of the Ring riddle game. (http://www.big-king.com/lotr/) You must get all 10 riddles correct to win the prizes. What are the prizes? Well, if you are a regular of TheOneRing.net, you have seen it all before, but if you are not…you will be pleasantly surprised. Just a few hints for the riddles: Use the ‘other’ name of Aragorn for one answer, and use the complete “The Fellowship of the Ring” for the other. The rest are all easy. Honestly, really easy. [More]