The new LOTR Trailer has just appeared on Angel..and I cried…literally…

I’m not going to get into what seeing that footage meant to me at this time, I’ll just get on to the descriptions for you!

Fade in:

Gandalf rides on his cart over the Hobbiton Bridge

Few new shots of Gandalf riding in, shot of a hobbit under a tree. Voice over Ian McKellen

‘In the lands of Middle-earth, legend tells of the Dark Lord Sauron’

Shot of Sauron’s head

‘and the ring that would give him the power to enslave the world’

shot of Sauron’s HAND with The One Ring on it

shot of the Orc Army

Shot of the Ring under water

Close up of the ring under water

‘Lost for centuries…’

Shot of the Wraiths Chasing Frodo and Arwen

‘It has been sought by many..’

Shot of Frodo

‘And has now found its way to the most unlikely person imaginable…’

Shot of Frodo and the Ring


shot of Gandalf saying ‘Sauron needs only this Ring, to cover all the lands in darkness’

Shot of the Burning of Hobbiton (?)

Shot of Frodo clenching his fist around the ring

Frodo: ‘What must I do?’

Gandalf: ‘The Ring MUST be destroyed!’


Shots of the Council of Elrond

Elrond: ‘The Ring must be cast back into the fires of Mount Doom’

Shot of Mount Doom.

Shot of a Rider overlooking the Shire

Boromir: ‘There is evil there…’

Shot of Boromir

‘That does not sleep’

Shot of the riders leaving Barad-dur (?)

V/O: SARUMAN!!! ‘Sauron’s forces are already moving’

Shot of Frodo running from a Dark Rider at Brandywine Bridge, Merry, Sam and Pippin urging him to run fast!

‘They will find the Ring, and KILL the one who carries it’

Frodo LEAPS off the pier and unto the small wharf just in time!

The dark Horse stops in its track and SCREAMS!

Fade out

Fade in

Frodo: ‘I cannot do this alone’ (in Rivendell)


Shot of the council of Elrond (music from The Crow 2 plays)

Aragorn: ‘You’ll have my Sword’

Legolas: ‘As well as my bow’

Gimli: ‘AND MY AXE!’ (that shot was put in there JUST for me..I know it!)

Shot of Galadriel and the Lothlorien Elves giving the Fellowship their gifts

V/O: Galadriel: ‘This task was appointed to you..’

Shot of the Fellowship on boats passing the gigantic stone feet of Isildur or Anarion at the Pillars of Kings

Shot of Frodo and Sam looking WAAAY up!

Far shot of the Pillars (like the movie Poster)

‘And if you do not find a way…’

shot of Galadriel: ‘No one will..’

Fade out

Shot of Ring on Fire at Council of Elrond


Shot of Orc feet running through the forest

V/O: Gandalf: ‘The enemy has many spies…’

Shot of Aragorn looking over his shoulder (weathertop?)

Shot of Frodo looking scared


Shot of Birds

Shot of Sam hiding from a large flock (Hollin?)


Shot of Dark Riders

Shot of Legolas looking over a rock

V/O: ‘Something draws near..’

Shot of Legolas talking to Agargorn

Legolas: I can feel it

Shot of the warped view of the East west road

Frodo: ‘Get off the Road!’

Shot of Wraiths riding on the road hard

Shot of Boromir and Aragorn reacting horribly to something

Aragorn: ‘Hide!’

Shot of Aragorn grabbing Frodo

Shot of Frodo and Agarorn hiding under a rock ledge

Shot of the Wraith sniffing for the Hobbits on the road…but this time he moves and reaches over one of the roots of the tree..sniffing..

Shot of his hand on the root…and Frodo very very close to it, looking up at it

V/O: ‘Always remember Frodo…’

Shot of the MORIA Doors opening!!

‘The Ring is trying to get back to its master..’

Shot of the doors opening from the inside…a small silhouette of Frodo can be seen with the water behind him.

Shot of Gandalf: ‘it wants to be found..’

Shot from inside MORIA

V/O: Gandalf: ‘Let us hope that our presence may go unnoticed’

Shot of Pippin touching the dead Dwarf

Shot of the head slowly falling over into the well

Shot of Gandalf turning suddenly

Shot of the entire body, chains and all going down too

Shot of Pippin making a ‘oops!’ face..

(at this point I was waiting for a ‘FOOL of a TOOK! but it didn’t come)

Shot of Gimli kneeling a Balin’s tomb

Shot of Frodo pulling out Sting…it is glowing blue…


Shot of Gandalf: ‘They are coming’

Shot of the 3 doorways in Moria


One doorway lights up with fire..

Faster Drums…

Orcs BURST through the doors!

Music FLARES!!

Boromir hacks at one with his sword!

Orcs and Trolls and the Fellowship battle!!

The HUGE cave troll attacks!!

Sam screams and ducks under his legs!

Shot of the Fellowship on Caradhras…snow all over them

Aragorn: ‘We must turn back!’

Gandalf: ‘No!’

Shot of Aragorn holding two hobbits, he looks up…

An avalanche is bearing down on them!

Fast shot of the Watcher in the Water

Fast shot of the Fellowship surrounded in Moria

Fast shot of Orcs carrying their banners

Frodo: ‘I wish the Ring had never come to me’

Shot of Frodo on the ground in Weathertop, as a wraith menaces towards him!

Shot of Frodo with the ring on, in the Dark-World…reaching out to touch something

Sam: ‘Back you Devils!!’

Shot of Aragorn fighting a wraith

More shots of Aragorn fighting wraiths with torches

V/O: ‘I wish none of this had happened’

Shot of Sam crying…holding his head

V/O: Galadriel: ‘You will find your courage’

Shot of Galadriel kissing Frodo on the head


Shot of the Riders all holding their swords up high

Shot of Arwen holding her sword high, in defiance

Arwen: ‘If you want him’

Shot of her horse on two feet, in the water, the water on the ford, the riders are across from her

quick shot of Frodo

Arwen: ‘Come and claim him!’


Shot of Aragorn and Arwen on a bridge kissing

Closer shot of them kissing

Shot of the Ring falling on Frodo’s finger on the floor of the Prancing Pony

Shot of Legolas stringing his bow

shot of an Orc..getting closer and closer, as if we are following the arrow


Shot of Arwen on her horse with Frodo

Far shot of the Ford, with the riders chasing after Frodo and Arwen

Fast shot of an Orc Army

Shot of Orcs rushing down a large hall in Moria

Large army of men stringing bows and preparing to fire

Orc army rushing the camera

A gigantic rock destroying what looks like the bridge of Khazad-dun in Moria

Aragorn and Frodo look like they just barely make it to get across

Shot of the bridge falling

Shot of Gandalf: (this folks…simply cannot be put into words…but I’ll try)

Gandalf holding his sword and staff in both hands, SCREAMS

‘YOU CANNOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!’

a quick shot of a burning rock falling near the Fellowship (some think it’s the Balrog)

Shot of Gandalf (same as before)

Gandalf SLAMS his staff into the bridge!

LOGO: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring

December 19th…

This is it folks…hear my thoughts tomorrow as I’ve got an Intern Job to sleep for 🙂