Unable to defeat the harsh and violent conditions of Caradhras, the Fellowship are forced to take another path which leads into a once proud place now consumed by evil. An eventful part of the movies, an important twist in the faith of the Fellowship and an incredible adventure, this weekend the Hall of Fire staff invite you to join us as we discuss the chapter that leads up to arguably the most important chapter in Book Two of Fellowship of the Ring:

Book II, Chapter IV: A Journey In The Dark

Wargs chasing them, the Fellowship find themselves in a race against the time as they are forced to find an alternative route to the unforging of the One Ring. With Legolas and Gimli bickering, and Sam fearful for the well-being of Bill the Pony, Gandalf attempts to quell the mixture of emotions experienced by the Nine Walkers as they walk into a place that even Gandalf the Istari fears.

But even entering the Mines itself prove difficult. A riddle in Elven-tongue of old manages to confound the Fellowship, who have to contend with a many-armed Watcher attempting to thwarth their quest. Once they finally gain access to the Mines themselves, they find that perhaps the darkness surrounding them can be an enemy itself.

This weekend, we have three discussions for you to share your thoughts on this chapter that explores the relationships of the Fellowship members in trying times if anything else. And this weekend sees the new time for Australian ringers, as our Hall of Fire chats move back three hours to 5pm AEST!

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